Emergency Number
0333 800 2016
The UK electricity market, regulated by Ofgem, is made up of four phases, Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Supply

Utility Distribution Networks Ltd (UDN) is a leading IDNO responsible for the adoption, operation, maintenance and integrity of an electricity network.

UDN is an Ofgem regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) working under an electricity distribution licence. We maintain high quality electricity networks and ensure electricity is safely provided to our customers.

We work closely with house builders, developers, major construction companies and independent connection providers to deliver electricity networks to new residential and commercial property developments. As an IDNO we are able to adopt any network from 132kV to LV across the UK distribution network.

UDN has a highly qualified team of engineers who strive to add value and develop tailor made solutions to your needs.

  • If you are a developer or main contractor – UDN will work with you to establish best practice design and installation

  • If you are an ICP – UDN will provide competitive Asset Value quotations as well as highly qualified support throughout the Design and Installation of a project. We work with a number of Lloyds registered ICPs who work under our standard commercial terms and asset adoption agreements. If you are an ICP looking for a competitive quotation then we would welcome you getting in contact with us to become part of our preferred contractor team. UDN accept designs to ENA and UDN G81 specifications

  • If your property is connected to a UDN registered network – We will take responsibility for the on-going management and maintenance, providing long term security, safety and integrity.

  • If you suffer an interruption of supply contact 0333 800 2016 for an immediate response

Utility Distribution Networks – your reliable partner